Time for First-Aid Kits from Disaster Supply Catalog!Do you have your disaster supplies or first-aid kit ready at hand should something occur? 

If not, the time to act is now!

From individual first-aid kits to complete emergency kit solutions, this retail website for Disaster Supply Catalog can provide you with economical, quality emergency and earthquake preparedness supplies. 

Be ready for any emergency in your home, business, or vehicle - and since disasters strike usually without warning, having ample emergency supplies on-hand can make a difference!

We update our disaster supplies, first-aid kits, and rescue tools as they become available, so please check back often, and if you have any questions on an item, please Contact Us. 

Be Prepared!

Quick Starter Kits
We recommend three emergency kits that everyone should have in their personal safety and disaster supply collection, for home and car: 

Road Warrior emergency kit for your Disaster Supply kitsRoll and Go Survival Kit for your zombie emergency supply kit

Road Warrior Car Kit
(pictured left)

Roll and Go Survival Kit
(pictured right)

Also, the Econo Backpack -
These make great starter kits for your earthquake preparedness

The time to act is now!
Prepare for any emergency - in your home, business, marine or vehicle.
Since disaster strikes usually without warning, having a emergency kit or earthquake supplies on-hand can make the difference!
Disaster Supply Catalog provides economical, quality emergency first-aid kits and disaster supplies. Don't be caught unprepared.
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